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Add value by providing the right equipment with a perfect quality, exactly when it is demanded by a customer

The word ‘Tentum’ is derived from the ancient Latin language and means to spread a net, or to set up a network.
Tentum Pte Ltd. was established in 2008 in Singapore with the approach to link Western manufacturers of advanced technologies and high-end equipment to Eastern markets by offering a wide network of contacts as a platform in Asia-Pacific.
The focus is on the supply and service of Industrial Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment, sophisticated Drop Weight Testing (destructive Material Testing) and Rheometer/Rheology which allows our customers in Asia-Pacific to measure, verify and improve the quality of their own products and production processes according to international standards.
Our own demand is to be the competent business partner and contact between Europe and Asia-Pacific, and to act as interconnection between the different cultures and languages. So we are able to provide the exact equipment as we understand both sides, the Western engineer and the Asian market.

Continuous improvement means continuously improving of quality

By being a mixed team of European and Asian native experts located in Asia, we understand ourselves as specialists for European and International Business in Asia for capital goods to improve quality.

Our key strategy is to have our own regional Asia Pacific Head office in Singapore as our Competence Centres, while supporting an Asian wide network of local representations for Sales and Customer Support Services to be close to our customers.
Our associated suppliers are only high-end and leading manufacturer based in Europe with innovative and superior products and an extensive experience in their fields.

Our business philosophy of ‘KAIZEN’ plays the major role in supporting and improving the service quality for our customers. The Japanese word ‘KAIZEN’ means improvement. ‘KAIZEN’ is a popular word in the industry worldwide, referring to innovative and progressive methods.
This way of doing business and procedures encourages small but continuous improvement steps as an ongoing, soft and gradual method, as opposed to more western habits to start afresh and sudden.
We increase continuously our helpdesk abilities, on-site presence, application knowledge and support competence, as well as our internal KAIZEN process for our customers.

Our Headquarters Singapore is located in the heart of Asia Pacific and gives us best and stable access to all Asian countries and your business.

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